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Project Runway – Season 12, Episode 2 : Million Dollar Runway

Nina, Zac Posen, and Heidi, with special guest Eric Daman, are back to look witheringly at your fashion design.

The designers are greeted by armed guards and make various stupid remarks about the police, the military, and being afraid of guns. I’m sure the former soldier bit her tongue so hard it bled.

The big reveal is that the models are wearing gazillions of dollars of precious gems and the models must design a dress as a showcase for the jewelry.

While on the surface this sounds like an awesome challenge (ooo, sparkles…who doesn’t love sparkles? besides Timothy, of course), I sense a flaw. The perfect showcase for show-stopping jewelery is a simple, dark, cocktail dress or gown that will not compete with the main attraction. You could ask the designers to create something “inspired by” the jewelry but that would call for some less conventional jewelry. I guess, in a way, this is the challenge part of the challenge–design something interesting that compliments the jewelry.

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Project Runway Season 12 Premier Episode 1: Come As You Are

We start Project Runway Season 12 on the runway–the airport runway! Instead of fashion models, this runway has bi-planes!

Our first surprise/twist is the answer to the question: who did the audience choose to be the returning designer, Kate, Valerie or Ramon? And it is Kate!

Not-really a “twist” but a bit of “business”: one of the designers is deaf and there is a sign-language interpreter.

Heidi announces that “The sky’s the limit…” The designers look up to the skies…it’s a bird, it’s a plane…or as Timothy… wonders “toy army figures? puppies?” at which point I say, not for the last time this episode, “My, God, YOU ARE A MORON.” … NO! It’s skydivers!”

The skydivers are here to deliver the material for this first, unconventional challenge: parachutes. Is MC Hammer the guest judge? You know, parachute pants?

The designers race to choose their parachute.

Back in the room, we get some more information about the challenge and the season, plus a taste of the drama to come.

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