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Project Runway, Season 12, Episode 11: Next Generation

With Ken gone, this episode of Project Runway is relatively free of craziness. Let’s see if the designers can bring the drama to their work.

This is the HP pattern design challenge. I love the opportunity the designers have to create a pattern but I wish they could get it printed on better fabrics!

The twist this year is that the designers need to be inspired in their pattern (though not the garment itself) by an innovator.

Helen Castillo gets to choose first and picks Ryan Keeley, an artist who mixes painting with new media. Dude just took a picture of Helen and then spray painted devil horns on her. Cool. Does she get to keep it?

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Project Runway Season 12, Episode 10: Superfan!

This season has a new twist on the “real woman” challenge: the clients are “über fans.” This is always an interesting challenge that plays on a number of tensions. What is a “real” woman, anyway? Aren’t we all? And if there are a range of sizes in the clients, is everyone on an even ground? How will the designers balance the need to produce something more fashion-forward while still producing a garment for a client who generally shops in mass-market stores?

Having super fans was a nice twist because they were all so happy to be there and they understood the game–they knew that their designers needed to win, or at least survive. Also, they knew that a dress produced as part of a competition in less than two days was unlikely to be finished, wearable, and 100% their preference…they were there more for the experience than for the free dress.

When the fan-clients arrive, Tim gives them the tour. And that, right there, would have been worth the trip for me! Tim hides the ladies in the sewing room for the big reveal.

You can tell the designers are nervous but, thankfully, none of them has the poor taste to make the stupid remarks others have in seasons past.

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Project Runway Season 12, Episode 9: Let’s Do Brunch

On this week’s very special episode of Project Runway, we learned that Heidi loves mullet skirts, Southern women wear plaid, and the judges have found their crack pipe…but I get ahead of myself.


Heidi sends our remaining designers off to a “Southern Brunch” at Juliette. Read more

Project Runway: Season 12, Episode 8 – Having a Field Day

Tweet! Time to wake-up designers! It is the Heidi Klum New Balance challenge! What? Five hours of sleep is not enough for you to be fresh and ready to work for Heidi for free?

The designers are going to design activewear / workout clothes for Heidi Klum’s New Balance line. First, however, they have to race in teams of two to win their choice of fabric and an extra hour of work!

Alexander says he hasn’t exercised since 1876. OMG! He IS a vampire! I guess Alexander bit Helen, not the other way around. What a twist!

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Project Runway: Season 12, Episode 7: Shoes First

On the last episode of Project Runway, Tim used his Tim Gunn Save to rescue Justin. Fans have been dissecting the save and wondering whether it was truly merit-based, since Justin’s output so far has been just middle of the road and his design for the Glamping Challenge was pretty bad. What happens in a challenge when a top contender makes a serious misstep?

That’s on the minds of the designers, too. Bradon and Jeremy, in particular, have gotten a lot of love from the designers but have also found themselves on the bottom. Kate, on the hand, knows that she already has her second chance and that the save was never for her.


After a little introspection, we are whisked off to the offices of Marie Claire where the designers get to select shoes to inspire their designs.

Marie Claire editor Anne Fulenwider explains that many readers say they get dressed “shoes first” and wonder “where are these shoes going to take me?” Read more

Project Runway: Season 12 Episode 6 – Let’s Go Glamping!

In the opening sequence, Ken is still seething from Alexandria calling him out on the runway as a jerk. He says she reminds him “of Judas…in the Bible…” as opposed to all those other people named Judas? Also, over dramatic much?

It is getting too stressful in here..time for a change of scene!

Tim, looking like the proverbial cat who ate the canary in his camo suit, enters with Heidi to announce that the designers are going glamping (you know, glam + camping?) for their next inspiration. Read more

Project Runway: Season 12 Episode 5 – You Choose Your Materials

It is almost as if the producers heard the twitterverse and blogosphere say, “How many elements can you possibly fit in one challenge???” during the Yoplait/crowdsourcing/Coney Island/carnival prize challenge and decided to answer, “Ha! You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

That’s right designers and viewers in the home audience! It is the Lexus/gourmet foods/vintage wallpaper/home and party goods/team challenge!

Let’s break this down: the designers are split into teams of three to drive a Lexus, which may or may not serve as an inspiration point…whatever! you choose! who cares as long as the check clears!…around town to at least two of three different locations to source unconventional materials. Each designer is responsible for one look but the looks must be a cohesive part of a collection. The suggested budget is $1500, which one designer will spend but the others must reimburse…and why did we need to know that let’s get shopping and sewing, people!

Got all that?

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Project Runway – Season 12, Episode 4: Ties A-Plenty

Well…that was…really…an episode of television, wasn’t it?

Sorry about the late recap…it was my daughter’s birthday on Friday and I was managing mermaid crafts and make-your-own sundaes for seven year old girls. And the results were less messy than this episode of Project Runway.

The Season 12, Episode 4 of Project Runway gets off to a lovely start as Tim introduces Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Ferguson explains that he started a charity, “Tie the Knot,” which sells bow ties to benefit marriage equality organizations. Tim outlines the challenge: the designers will design a garment inspired by the ties and may use the ties in their design.

So, a charity that actually speaks to the industry and requires the designers to be inspired by fashion. Too logical–something’s gotta go bonkers.

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Project Runway – Season 12, Episode 3: An Unconventional Coney Island

Talk about overkill…this entire challenge was in need of some serious editing.

First, the contestants head to the Coney Island Boardwalk. The episode is “An Unconventional Coney Island.” Is there any other kind?

Once there, they find out they will be playing yogurt vendors with Yoplait Yogurt. They will be handing out free samples and the descriptive words from the public will serve as their inspiration. Already, that’s one too many toppings on that sundae.

Oh, and they are assigned teams.

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Project Runway – Season 12, Episode 2 : Million Dollar Runway

Nina, Zac Posen, and Heidi, with special guest Eric Daman, are back to look witheringly at your fashion design.

The designers are greeted by armed guards and make various stupid remarks about the police, the military, and being afraid of guns. I’m sure the former soldier bit her tongue so hard it bled.

The big reveal is that the models are wearing gazillions of dollars of precious gems and the models must design a dress as a showcase for the jewelry.

While on the surface this sounds like an awesome challenge (ooo, sparkles…who doesn’t love sparkles? besides Timothy, of course), I sense a flaw. The perfect showcase for show-stopping jewelery is a simple, dark, cocktail dress or gown that will not compete with the main attraction. You could ask the designers to create something “inspired by” the jewelry but that would call for some less conventional jewelry. I guess, in a way, this is the challenge part of the challenge–design something interesting that compliments the jewelry.

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