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Interview with Krystel of Army Wife 101

Krystel, who blogs at Army Wife 101, is one of my personal favorite Military Spouse bloggers. She always comes up with fresh and interesting takes on military family issues and is a great community builder. She answered a few questions for us about her blog where she shares great information and her personal journey.

What topics do you write about on your blog?

I write about everything from my journey through deployment to PCS, AIT, and I also do many Vlog tutorials as well as Vlog diaries. Readers also get to enter some great giveaways and learn about new military discounts.

Share a favorite post of yours.

That Little Thing Called OPSEC….I did a video vlog about the importance of that thing many spouses seem to forget about called OPSEC. It was my birthday when I did the video so I felt I made something that can be kind of blah more fun.

Tell us a little bit about your military spouse journey.

My husband is a former Marine (although he will quickly tell you their is no such thing as as a former Marine hehe. He is currently as you can tell serving in the US Army and on his 2nd deployment in the Army 3rd in total. My husband has been in 12 years and I have been a military spouse for 5 years.

What are the challenges of being a military spouse?

If you let them deployments will break you. Having to be totally independent can be a challenge if your not used to doing certain things. Many things can be a challenge if you don’t attempt to make the best of them.

What are the best parts of being a military spouse?

My husband and I are culture nuts. We love experiencing everything food, art, architecture, but the reality is we wouldn’t always be able to afford those things if it were not for the Army giving us the opportunity to travel. I would have to say the ability to live places I normally wouldn’t and the chance to broaden my horizons and make new friends are awesome parts of the military life.

What is the most interesting, unusual, or funny thing that has happened to you as a result of being a military spouse?

I would have to say that I am an extremely shy person and since living this life I have opened up tremendously. I have become a go to person for wives arriving at duty stations I have lived at and I absolutely proud of myself being able to open up to that extent.

To what extent have blogging and social networking affected the military spouse experience?

I have received numerous emails from former spouses and veteran spouses who say that they wish the wealth of information they see on the net was available to them when they were new to the Army life, because it would have made navigating the waters easier. I also think the power of networking sites has made it easier to make friends before you even arrive at a new duty station. I can speak first hand on what a great feeling it was , to move all the way here to Hawaii and have a few friends already waiting for me.

If someone you care about was about to marry a military servicemember, what one piece of advice would you give?

Be patient and supportive. Know that your spouse loves you but that unfortunately in the Army world you come 2nd but in your spouses heart you come first. I tell all spouses always be ready for anything in the Army life.