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Loving the Sedentary Life

Civilization begins when societies become sedentary. And although there is a lot to recommend active duty, and many pluses to its nomadic way of life, I’m glad to have a reasonably permanent, permanent address that is mine and not my parents.

We are doing home improvements. In fact, we just remodeled our basement using a basement finishing system with these guys. If you happen to be on Long Island and want to get your basement finished, tell them Candace sent you because I get a referral if you use them (which I do recommend)! I’ll post pics once I get the kids stuff down there.

We may even get to do a little landscaping.

I’ve started volunteering with the local historical society, which is a lot of fun for me.

At the same time, I look back fondly on the camaraderie of the Active Duty days. DH’s National Guard unit is spread out across the state. I’ve joined meet-up groups in the area but never seem to see the same people more than a handful of times. We go to the library, but again…different parents or often grandparents or nannies–people who are just at different stages in their lives.

So, busy, busy, busy! But little opportunity to form tight, meaningful friendships.

A few thoughts about An Army Wife’s Life…I’d like to make this site more about you, the readers. I find I spend a lot of time answering questions, in the comments or via e-mail, but have little about which to post. How can we transform this into a community site? I’ve bought a new domain, which I plan on unveiling, soon. And I’m considering adding a forum, FAQs, resource pages, etc.

Any thoughts?

Junior is HERE!

For those who have not made the switch to following my personal life over at Mama Saga, I wanted to let you know that GIANT BABY has made his appearance (click for pics).

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been recovering and working…

More military thoughts, information and ideas to follow on An Army Wife’s Life.

Where Did I Go?

Life has been insane. We were going to buy a house with a VA Loan, then that fell through. Now, we are (hopefully) buying a different (better, but more expensive) house.

I promise details as soon as I have a chance PLUS I’ll select the winner of the book for the November Carnival PLUS I’ll try to get the carnival running again soon.


Step One: New Template

I’m revising the template…expect a few kinks as I iron things out over the next week or so.

Also, two nice people commented while I was re-installing Haloscan so they aren’t showing up now that I have things back. I’ll manually add your comments in, soon.

Next step: I have a picture book for young kids about deployment that I will review and give away.

Coming soon: Guest blogging and carnivals…so let me know if you want to guest blog!

A Crossroads…

What should I do with this blog?

Whether you are a regular reader who still stops back now and again and/or has me on a feed reader or you found me through a google search, I’d like your input, please!

This is the situation: DH has left the active duty Army, and I’ve been blogging away elsewhere about my life as a mother and products for the family.

We’ve been house hunting, which, even in this soft market, is incredibly difficult in New York on a civil servant’s salary.

I’ve been trying to raise awareness about congenital heart defects and hopefully also some money…donate now for a chance to win cool prizes!

At any rate, it is becoming more and more difficult to blog from the military spouse standpoint.

So, I have a few options:

1. Delete the blog. I don’t like this one because there are some posts up here that are still useful to people and I don’t want the address taken over by spammers. It has a high Page Rank and could be a likely target.

2. Give the address to another military spouse and back-up the posts to another address for posterity (but this would make it more difficult for people to find).

3. Have guest blog posts, a military spouse (or just military) round-up, a carnival, “Ask Molly” and maybe some other random fun once a week.

I’m leaning towards #3 because the blog would still have its archives, would still be useful to the community, and would give new military bloggers a chance to grab a high value link and maybe some more of an audience.

PLEASE give me your thoughts!

I already get tons of questions that I just answer via e-mail, so that part would be easy. Would you be interested in guest blogging? Would you enjoy a carnival? A link round-up?

Let me know!!!

Congratulations, Captain Dad!

Today DH, aka Super Dad, was promoted to Captain Dad! Then we had the Hail and Farewell and the Battalion commander made a nice speech about Captain Dad and then made a nice speech about me and gave me a coin–which is a huge honor. He is very restrained with the awards.

It was at a casual family place and Baby Diva had a lot of fun being passed around and eating guacamole.

I’ll try to post pics this weekend.

It is really hitting me today that we have very little time left here and soon I will be a National Guard spouse instead of an active duty Army wife! There is so much to do!!! So, blogging will no doubt be very light, but I am sure I will have an amusing story or two to relate once we move.

So Captain Dad just walked in from his going away/promotion party out with the men and his soldiers made him a huge framed penant with his platoon, his name, his unit, an Iraqi flag, OIF medal, rank during deployment, a plaque thanking him for leading them all home safely, and they all wrote notes and signed it. It is so incredibly touching. Here are these tough, macho soldiers and they really respect and care about my husband. Captain Dad doesn’t cry, but I just might!

Just when I thought that I was out…

…they pull me back in.

No, DH has not been called back up from IRR (Individual Ready Reserve). We are still leaving active duty.

However, DH has decided that, in addition to his work as an Assistant District Attorney, he will join the New York National Guard for a few reasons.

In no particular order:

  • He wants to continue serving his nation.
  • They will stabilize him for two years and cut his IRR commitment in half
  • He likes the military

So…now I will find myself in an entirely different sort of military spouse role. Any advice from current or former guard spouses?