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Interview with Pam from Troop Petrie

Pam, who is just a ball of kindness and enthusiasm and positive energy, told us about how she writes “about everything, love, marriage, the military, children, cooking, crafts, homeschooling” at Troop Petrie.

Share a favorite post of yours.

Letters to my hero, I did this nightly while my husband was deployed, it helped us stay connected to one another and it also let my blog readers know how I was really doing.

Tell us a little bit about your military spouse journey.

My husband and I were high school sweethearts, we broke up after 2.5 years. We were separated for 2 years in which time he joined the Army Reserves. When we got back together we decided he would go Active. That was over 14 years ago, so he has been in the Army for 16 years. He came in as a private and came up the ranks until he was a E-7 and then last year he went to Warrant Officer School and is currently a W1. As far as deployments, we have had more than our share. He has been to Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iraq and did I say Iraq for a third time. We were stationed at Redstone where you do NOT deploy because it is a training post and he deployed with a transition team. I swear he sends out signals that say deploy me

What are the challenges of being a military spouse?

The challenges of being a military wife are being lonely, learning to rely on others. I have a hard time asking for help so this has been a challenge. Communication has always been a issue, I have done everything from writing 8 page daily letters (when we only had one child) to writing Letters to my Hero on my blog. The other challenge I have is not shutting down or pulling away before a deployment.

What are the best parts of being a military spouse?

The best part of being a military spouse is that I am in a family like no other. I am with a family that no one outside of the family will ever understand. Oh and it does not hurt that I get to go to bed with a man in uniform

What is the most interesting, unusual, or funny thing that has happened to you as a result of being a military spouse?

Let’s see this may not be the answer you want but I will tell it. When my husband was getting to sergeant I was due to have a baby, it was a LONG stressful high risk pregnancy. I had actually been at the hospital the day of his ceremony. So I arrive for the penning ceremony and set in the back with my 4 year old. His Commander and First Sergeant came back to ask if I was okay. As they walk away (now please know there were at least 100 men standing at attention in a bay that echoes) my son said “mom are those boys? And then he screamed “Does he have a penis”? I thought I would shrink into the seat. I felt bad for all those men standing there who could not laugh.

To what extent have blogging and social networking affected the military spouse experience?

I think blogging about living in the military has helped me, it has helped me to feel normal when talking to other wives. It has made it possible for me to encourage other wives. It has made it possible for me to keep connected to my husband daily while he was deployed.

If someone you care about was about to marry a military servicemember, what one piece of advice would you give?

First marry an Airman, they make better money and have better housing. No really I would say marry an AIRMAN, did I say that already? I would say talk to other stable military wives, maybe visit PWOC at a Chapel a few times. Talk with your family about what will happen when he deploys. Know that it is a wonderful life, a secure life, a life filled with pride and respect.

When the Soldier’s Away, the Blogger Will Be Silent?


For the military wife bloggers out there, or anyone whose husband is frequently gone on business trips, do you blog when the soldier is away from home? Do you feel you have enough anonymity or are you not concerned about any safety issues? Does it matter if he is away for a shorter or longer time? (I’m assuming male spouses don’t worry about this…but maybe I’m wrong.)

When DH was active duty, I always felt uncomfortable blogging about his absence while he was on field exercises…yet, I blogged about his deployment while he was gone.

It does not make a ton of sense, but I think part of it was the fact that there was no way to avoid the issue of his deployment on a Military Spouse blog and another part was, living in Killeen, it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to figure out whose spouse was gone anyway. So, blogging about the deployment, on an anonymous blog, didn’t seem to add significantly to the safety risk.

Since then, I’ve started a number of other online projects that are connected with my real name. And people who know me in real life have discovered this blog (and that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms).

DH has left Active Duty, but is still in the National Guard.

Suddenly, when he leaves, I feel exposed.

This time, I feel comfortable blogging about his absense because I’ll have family visiting. He’s headed off to Captain’s Career Course in preparation for taking command this summer. But generally, if he will be gone overnight, I just don’t say anything.

How about you? What are your thoughts and comfort level on this topic?

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Military Family Carnival: Molly Wants You!

Starting in November, I will host a blog carnival for Military Family Members and Spouses (and Military Personnel are welcome, too, although you may have to put your own spin on the topic).

I hope give out a prize once a month, drawn randomly from all the participants that month. If you post in multiple weeks, you’ll get multiple entries!!! If I find lots of sponsors, I’ll give out prizes more frequently.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week on Monday I’ll post a topic and include a little box where you can add the title of your post and your link to that specific post. If you want to plan ahead, I’ll put the topics for the month in the sidebar.
  2. Write a post (or revisit and revise an old post) and link back to the specific post for that week where everyone will be adding their links.
  3. On Friday, I’ll change the date on the post to make it appear at the top of the page so everyone will see your cool posts. Please go visit each other’s posts and read and comment.
  4. The following Monday I will add all the links into the post permanently and start with a new post.
  5. Got suggestions for topics??? I’m all ears. Post them here in the comments or shoot me an e-mail: mollypitcher at gmail dot com.