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Baby CyberShower for Junior

Some of my FABULOUS online friends are throwing me a baby cybershower on Mamanista. Pamela Kramer of Happy Panda Baby, who also blogs at PMKU, is my hostess with the mostess and our three shower game guest judges are the marvelous: Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Kristen from Mod*Mom and Christine from Dates to Diapers!

Whether or not you are a blogger, please go join in the fun (play games, say “hi,” and enter to win great prizes), because the guests make a party!

My hostess informs me that people like to see “bump” pics of the mama, so I am going to reveal my HUGE bump (as of this past Friday, 33.5 weeks along). Why do people think it is cute to ask, “Are you carrying twins?” Yes, this second go around I am much larger (and way more swollen) than last time. But still cute, right? ‘Cause pregnant women glow, right?

And to get a little bit of a soundtrack going for the party, during both pregnancies, I had “These Are Days” repeating over and over in my head. Because truly, these are days I’ll remember and carrying a baby is a blessing. Music always sets the mood for me. I actually made different mixes (slow rock, fast rock, slow classical, fast classical, and world music) to bring to my labor so I’d have something that suited my taste at the moment.

Now, let’s play some shower games!

Over at Mamanista, you’ll have an opportunity to play some games and win some prizes, too. Even though of course I’m not entering for prizes (I already got such gorgeous gifts), I will play along right here.

The first is the Most Inspirational Story. My last labor was difficult, and I’m am certainly hoping this next one is easier and more natural…which is part of why I want you all to inspire me with your tales! Maybe some of you will find my labor story inspiring:

My daughter arrived a week and a half early and her father was on his way home for leave from Iraq. In the preceding week, we had discovered she was in the transverse position. So, I started doing handstands in the pool to get her to reposition. Perhaps this led to my water breaking in the early hours of the following morning, or maybe not, but either way she was head down!

The following 24 hours were amazing. Although labor stalled, I accepted pictocin, at about hour 10 I went for the epidural, and I contracted an infection that stalled my contractions, those 24 hours were some of the most empowering of my life.

Each step of the way, I questioned each procedure and made the decision that I believed to be right. I refused the IV when I came in and I fought to keep trying hours after everyone else seemed to have given up. As we started getting closer to 24 hours, I could feel the epidural wearing off and I insisted they let me stand (holding onto the bar) so I could let gravity help.

And then I pushed my beautiful baby into the world and was placed on my chest, making the whole labor more than worth the effort. Her body was the exact temperature of mine and she just felt perfect.

The next game is Most Fabulous Nest. I chose a jungle theme for our last nursery. Although I don’t think it would win most fabulous nest, it was a serene place for me and my first baby. This time, we’re holding off on designing Junior’s space because my little girl didn’t use her room much until she was older. We’ll start him off in the co-sleeper each night and then he can join us in bed if he likes. Once he’s too old for the co-sleeper, he’ll move into his sister’s crib and inherit her room…and she’ll get to choose her own decorations.

The final game is the best/worst/funniest advice for new parents. I think that “nap while the baby sleeps” may qualify for all three. Certainly it is a great idea because new mamas need lots of rest. But who are all these moms who manage to nap with the baby all the time? And how much hired (or family) help do they have?

I think the best advice I’ve heard is to not take everything personally with the baby. You just do your best and then if the baby still cries, you just know that you did what your instincts said was right. That, and get a sling.

Now you go head on over to the CyberShower, play along, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Halloween Party Ideas for Scribbit’s Winter Bazaar

I’ve already shared my Halloween Recipe for Spicy Witch Fingers (click for a pic of these and the Monster Toes) with you as part of Mamanista’s Halloween Recipe Contest/Carnival, so here are a few more Halloween ideas:

Food and Beverage:

  • Severed Monster Toes: Make pigs in a blanket with mini-franks and crescent dough, make marks for knuckles and add ketchup for blood.
  • Monster Brains: Serve guacamole, salsa, or dip in a hollowed out pumpkin with a apainted face!
  • Jello Brains: Get a Jello Brain Mold and surround with gummy worms or spaghetti. For an adult party, you may wish to add vodka, but be careful, the results may be scary.
  • Beverages: For an adult party, serve “blood” (sangria) and mulled wine and spiced cider.
  • More Recipes: A friend shared this EXCELLENT link with a bunch of Haunted Halloween Recipes (warning: there are pictures and some are very gross).


  • Eerie Entrance: Cover a hallway with black plastic trash bags and light with a black light. Hand your guests white out pens as they enter.
  • Giant Hanging Spider: Paint a large beach ball black and add eyes and fangs. Create eight legs out of paper links. Suspend from ceiling and tape the middle of the legs to the ceiling so just the last part of each leg hangs down.
  • Mood Lighting: Take out at least a few light bulbs and replace with red or green lights.


  • Anne Boleyn Costume: Get a rubber hand and cut off all but the thumb (leaving attached). Get a Renaissance style dress from a thrift store. Wear light (ghostly) make up and paint a red ring around your neck.
  • Ghostly Games: Here’s another link for Halloween Kids’ Games.

Also, I’ll be making my Halloween Music Mix, soon…Monster Mash, of course…I Put A Spell On You, naturally…Werewolves of London, Little Red Riding Hood…please share your ideas, too!

This is just a few off the top of my head to share. I’ll be adding more this month, I’m sure, including the BEST RECIPE FOR PUMPKIN BREAD I’ve ever tasted. You can also check out my product review blog for cool Halloween Costumes and Deals.

Here’s a picture of a portion of our spread one year:

Party Girl

I know a baby, her name is Party, Party Baby…

Because Baby Diva had a heart condition, because she never really liked a bottle, because we are moving soon, because we live far away from family and life-long friends…for so many reasons…we never got her a sitter here.

For the most part, I had avoided formal occasions. Before her surgery, I had to avoid crowds in general, anyway. Now that Super Dad is back from making the world safe for democracy, though, there are tons of Formal Balls and other parties.

Baby Diva had full dance card last week.

First, an all-ranks Military Ball:

Then she went to a rehearsal dinner:

Then she went to a wedding and saw her Daddy lead a saber arch: