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Fourth of July Week


We had an amazing Fourth of July weekend out on the North Fork of Long Island, which is a great New York vacation area for families with young kids. At some point I will have to write up my North Fork favorites!

We are lucky enough that my in-laws have a home my husband’s grandfather built there after World War II. There’s plenty of bedrooms and we all pile in and enjoy the fun!

Since I go a little crazy with post-holiday sales (who can resist a $3 t-shirt? nobody, that’s who!), my kids have about a dozen patriotic outfits. It wasn’t even July 4th yet and my kids are decked out in red, white, and blue, complete with matching t-shirts for the boys.

Of course, themed outfits means picture time! I think all families have at least one parent who obsessively photographs the kids…right? Tell me this is normal, please.



Our first night, we noticed there were fireflies everywhere! The kids had tons of fun chasing them around the yard and caught quite a few.

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Halloween – Wordless Wednesday

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Hoo Will Be My Valentine?

Hoo loves ya, baby? My darling girl adores owls so she really enjoyed this great Valentine’s Day owl craft from my fellow MOMformation blogger, Molly. Check out more of her great crafts for Valentine’s Day plus links to others.

I’m expecting a lot of stories today and tomorrow about “low-budget” Valentine’s Day celebrations…why not make some crafts?

I’ve never been hugely into Valentine’s Day but now that I have kids, it is another nice opportunity in the year to reflect on the gift of love.

Whether or not you are in a relationship, I hope you are able to celebrate love tomorrow and every day.

Houston, We Have Achieved Birth Weight

This morning we had Diva the Toddler’s two year well-baby (a month late) and brought along her sidekick, Junior the Jotunn (aka Bruiser). After waiting for an hour or so to see the doctor, we found out that Diva is indeed EXTREMELY TALL (35.5 inches, 90th percentile) and SKINNY (36 lbs, 50th percentile) and generally a healthy little toddler.

The doctor asked how many words she could say. The child can identify at least five different species of duck (Hooded Merganser, Teal, Buffalo Head, Mallard, and Red Breasted Merganser) and speaks in complete sentences. Seriously, I couldn’t even count the number of words she knows.

For the first time, she had absolutely no problem at the doctor’s office, a step up from at least staying quiet long enough at the cardiologist. No more doctor phobia! We let her bring her duck and her pillow and her “bops.” The doctor asked if we were planning on ditching the paci soon. We only give it to her when she is sleeping or at the doctor’s…and I’m not ready to take it away at night yet. I am so happy she sleeps 11 hours straight, and now is not the time for me to have a few sleepless nights. So the paci at night stays for the meantime. Diva barely flinched during her shots, and so we gave her ice cream at home (and didn’t even have to bribe her in advance).

Since we were already there, we asked if they could weigh Junior so he would not have to come back in two days and wait another hour just for a weigh-in. I was fairly confident he had gained weight and would be at least close to his birth weight. Earlier that morning I got on the scale and weighed a freakin’ ton 25 pounds less than my full pregnancy weight. Then, I picked up Junior and weighed still way too much ten and a half pounds more. At the office, Junior clocked in at 10 lbs 6 oz, two ounces over his birth weight at only eight days old!

Not surprising since he’s been breastfeeding almost every waking moment. And, if his sister’s growth is any indication, I make some fatty breastmilk.

Wordless Wednesday: She’s a Grand Old Flag

Happy Fourth of July!

Wordless Wednesday: Wonder

Halloween Wordless Wednesday: Arrr…

Arrr’s not a word…

Happy Halloween!!!

Who Needs a Costume When You’re Already a Princess?

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Cuteness

When I first started blogging, I focused on the political, then shifted to the personal for a number of reasons. Now that I am a mother, I find myself increasingly interested in the political in the broader sense of the word (rather than the which of the various identical candidates is going to win the next election sort of way). After all, now that I have an heir, her inheritance becomes of central importance.

I find myself thinking a lot about what sort of world I want to leave my child (and hopefully children).

So, you may occasionally have to endure, skim, or skip (your choice!) my rants and raves about supporting breastfeeding or the value of motherhood to society or what have you…but for now, back to your regularly scheduled cuteness.

Ahhh…doesn’t that feel good? But, ack, what happened to my tiny baby??? Someone’s been sneaking in at night and turning her into a toddler! We’re not quite there, yet, but my goodness, look at her!

What’s new?

The Diva has started to stand on her own and in typical Diva fashion wants no assistance in achieving this new milestone. She is having tons and tons of fun and very proud of her new achievements all by herself thank you very much. (Yup, Granny’s curse is coming true)

Speaking of Granny, my mom taught the little bean to raise her foot when you say “Piggies” (for “This little piggy…”). Now if you even mention the word “piggies” or “piggy” in any context, the kid will crawl over and lift her foot expectantly.

Oh, and lots and lots of kisses! I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be covered in drooly baby kisses.

Baby Diva also likes to kiss the kittens in her story books.

She’ll also kiss me if she accidentally hurts me or if I tell her I love her, which is exciting because she is clearly connecting the word love and the act of kissing with affection!

Thursday is the big ONE! We are celebrating her birthday on Saturday with a lot of family and friends and I am so excited to see everyone.

Seven Months’ Old!!!

Baby Diva turned seven months’ old on March 9, 2007. She is having so much fun–trying new foods, meeting new people, and playing new games!

In this photoshoot, Baby Diva is modeling a Ralph Lauren Polo collared shirt dress with pleated skirt, in her signature color, purple.