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Sweet Tooth

I’ve been trying to turn back the clock.

When my daughter was a toddler, fruit was dessert, yogurt was her snack, milk and water were her only drinks.

Then we moved closer to the grandparents and started going on playdates and the junkfood crept in. I allowed one treat at such times because I certainly do not think that having a single piece of candy or chocolate on occasion is terrible. Chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Ice cream cones at the beach? Chips at a barbecue? Smores at a campfire? Gummy Worms at Halloween? Peeps on Easter? OK, that last one is still pretty gross but in general I am more than okay with the rare indulgence.

Still, I had been mostly able to keep it out of our house. Until preschool.

Every holiday seems to be an excuse to send my daughter home with bags and bags of candy–gifts from her fellow students.

My daughter and I discuss that food should give you energy, help you stay healthy, provide you with what you need to grow, and taste good. We sit down together for most of our meals and make it a social experience. She loves berries and carrots and peas and many other things that are good for you.

Of course, however, she also has a sweet tooth. And somehow we got into a pattern of a treat after every lunch and dinner. And she began asking for candy more and more.

This morning we had a conversation about eating less candy and how it is okay to have a little sometimes but that we have to fill ourselves up with good fuel.

And then, my darling little daughter asked, “But how come they give us things that aren’t that good for us at preschool?”

Good question.