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A Work in Progress

I’m in the process of transferring this blog to self-hosted WordPress and adding a community.

Would you like to be a contributor at the new site? Just let me know if you are interested by sending me an e-mail or leaving a comment.

Although the new site will be “Army Wives Lives”, Military Spouses of all branches are welcome to make themselves at home!

Looking forward to getting the new digs set up.

You’re Invited to My CyberShower

Everyone…old friends, new friends, friends of friends, mamas, grandmas, child-free peeps, grandparents, casual readers, bloggers, non-bloggers…is invited to my CyberShower!

Some of my FABULOUS online friends are throwing me a baby cybershower on Mamanista (I’m due in a few weeks with Junior).

Please go join in the fun (play games, say “hi,” and enter to win great prizes), because the guests make a party!

Win It On Wednesday! – October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! Ever wanted to see what my baby would look like if she were eating brains? Check out my Wordless Wednesday. Yes, macabre, I know. I also encourage you to check out what some other cool bloggers have been saying about Halloween on my Halloween Blog Round-up on Mamanista! — great for last minute inspiration.

Here are some bloggy contests I know about that have deadlines on or after October 31:

If you are a blogger hosting a contest, or know of a really cool contest on a blog, please list it in the comments with the link to the actual post (not the main page), the prize you can win, and the end date. If you know how to code it, please link the title of the contest to the post to make my life a little easier. If you can’t, though, no worries.

And, if the contest is still going when I put up the next post, I’ll include it in the main body of that post, too.

Please, only contests hosted on blogs. Spammy corporate-owned bots will be hunted down and destroyed–not really, but I’ll delete the “comment.”

New Projects

We’ve been busy beavers over here at the Field Artillery Household.

DH had an article published in Parameters (YAY DH!) and he just finished another article to submit for consideration to another military journal.

I’ve been writing…and avoiding writing by starting two new blogs:

Mamanista: Fabulously Chic, Irresistibly Practical (Product Reviews)
Please comment and shop our cool affiliates so I can spend more time blogging so I can get more affiliates so I can spend more time blogging.

Mama Saga: One Mother’s Journey (A “Mommy Blog”…shudder)
Please leave me comments so it looks like I have cyber friends (no one need know the truth)

And Baby Diva? She’s cutting a THIRD TOOTH and mastering peekaboo.

So, I will still be blogging here and at SpouseBuzz until I run out of military-related stories to tell, but I would really love it if you would come over to my new ventures and read, bookmark, and blogroll those, too!

Why Tarot Card Are You?

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We're Home!

Thank you so much for praying with me and thinking of Lilah!

Lilah did very well in her recovery from surgery. The docs said she recovered fast because she went in big and strong. She even gained a little weight in the hospital. She’s of course a little cranky at times but she is also smiling and giggling and chatting and generally being happy at longer and longer intervals during the day.

I’ll post some pics and more information as soon as I have a chance and try to get back to blogging about the homecoming.

Lilah's Surgery

Super quick post to let you know that Lilah is out of surgery–she is in the PICU and still on all her tubes but things are looking good. Please continue to keep Lilah in your prayers…she should be in the PICU for approximately the next 48 hours.

She will need a second surgery at some point but hopefully she will be much older and it will hopefully not be open heart at that point.

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words!!!

DH is De-licious

Okay, I think the hormones are starting to make me a little loopy.

DH called this afternoon. So sweet! One of the nice things about his new mission is he can call a little more often. Before we had a lot of computer contact but it was harder for him to get to the phones.

One downside is he can’t tell me as much about what he is doing…but that’s okay. He’ll tell me when he is home for good.

DH’s call came at a perfect time. I am starting to feel the pregnancy more and more this week–though I wonder if this is just a little decompression from my friend’s visit. I needed a few days to just veg after my mom visited, too…and we spent the week running around like crazy people. I wonder if DH were here if I could convince him to carry me from the couch to the bed every night…

Friend and family are responding really well to our needs for the single soldiers…which is great because we just found out that they aren’t going to have anything when they arrive. We were hoping there would at least be some bedding–new or well-washed–but looks like we’ll have zip. I’ve got a ton more work to do on that front, but hopefully we’ll be able to get everything they need!

Single Mom

Well…not exactly.

Today I couldn’t get my wedding band and engagement ring on for the first time. So, with no husband by my side and no rings, I feel like I LOOK like a single mom…

In reality, DH and I have been staying very emotionally close throughout this pregnancy.

I’ve been taking belly pics and sending updates every week so DH can stay involved and he has been great about reading up on pregnancy and birth and chatting with me about what he reads. He has been as considerate of my feelings as he can be from so far away.

For those of you who mentioned some ideas in other comments–don’t worry, we are definitely keeping up the connection…but keep the comments coming for others in a similar situation. The only one I am not doing (and will not do) is tape the birth if he misses it. We can’t tape the actual birth itself anyway–but even if we could, that’s just not me. A friend said she would tape the birth for me and I answered, “Like HELL you will.”

Anyway, I went out to visit my friend’s beautiful new baby boy. He is doing very well–full size despite being three weeks early. He arrived on his mom’s birthday–Happy Birthday, Mom!

She was lamenting spending her next few birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s…but I said that she’ll just celebrate on the closest weekend night–and when he’s a teenager she’ll have a real guilt card to keep him from getting too wild on his birthday.

I am so happy that they’ll have almost an additional month together as a family before her husband deploys.

The father commented on how his son clearly recognizes his voice from in utero–that made me a little sad. I would love for Lilah to have heard DH’s voice throughout the pregnancy. Though there is not much time left, I am hoping DH will tape his soothing and melodious voice so I can play the recording for our baby girl.

You Are My Sunshine…

DH called this morning and I am in a vastly improved mood.

It has been a good week overall. My friend from NY really helped finish up the nursery. We also took a trip to Austin and strolled around the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Gardens and saw the bats emerge from the Congress Avenue Bridge. We also ate some yummy spicey Indian food.

DH continues to be bored with his new assignment that I can’t talk about and don’t know anything about anyway. I keep telling him to enjoy the rest before his next big mission–fatherhood!

It will be quite the circus here in about a month. Hopefully DH will be here for Lilah’s birth, as will my mother, and his parents, and over the phone DH just mentioned his parents may bring his grandmothers!

I think my hypnobirthing tapes will come in handy more right before and after the birth than during the labor itself. Ha, ha.

Over the next three weeks, I am tying up all my work and volunteer projects. I’ve been sorting my files, letting everyone know I plan to be out of contact for a little while, and getting a head start on anything that needs to be done for the Fall. I’ve been rounding up contacts to get things ready for the Single Soldiers, completing the initial steps for the big Junior League event for next year, and finishing off thank you notes.

I suppose I’m in the “nesting” stage, but I feel more like I am preparing for hybernation!